ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Dark, surreal, and lowbrow are three adjectives that characterize the works of artist Tania Pomales. Born in Vineland, NJ, Pomales nurtured a passion for art from a very young age, making her creative influences a myriad of sources derived from pop culture, tattoo artists, Dia De los Muertos, skull art, Dali, Kahlo, dark art and her own Latino roots. Pomales combines her love of surrealism and lowbrow/dark art with her passion for color to create unique works that inspire conversation, provoke thought, and connect with the raw energy of her audience.

When she is not working on her lowbrow pieces, you can find Tania Pomales in her Millville, NJ, art studio working on things such as landscapes, portraits and pet portraits (a secret favorite!), and floral paintings. A bit of a Jekyll and Hyde quality in her soul sometimes takes her art on other, more traditional paths, but she always goes back home to her surreal and phantasmagorical world.

ARTIST STATEMENT My art is an exploration of my soul and its connection to the people and situations around me. Making art grounds me in my humanity and my need to be a creator in this world.