Diane Emerson

Diane Emerson

Ceramic Artist, Fine Art Photographer, Pen & Ink

Email: nj10tree@aol.com

Website: http://www.dianeemerson.com

Phone: 609-953-1649


Diane Emerson resides in the Village of Medford, NJ. She grew up in Pemberton and worked as an Art Educator for the Pemberton Township School District for 30 years.  The artist works from her home studio and enjoys volunteering for the Medford Art Center.

Diane has worked with pen and ink, clay and some photography for most of her life. The New Jersey farmland and various historical sites of Burlington County have inspired her pen and ink drawings throughout her career. Her ceramic tile work reflects her love of nature and texture. Diane creates fossil like clay impressions that capture nature and its fleeting beauty. She loves that each plant, tree and flower have been assigned a special meaning and often uses them to convey a specific message through her work. Lately the artist has been concentrating on learning more about the mechanics of photography. Many of her images reflect a love for detail in nature at both its peak and faded glory. She hopes to illustrate the beauty that exists throughout the lifespan of living things and beyond.  Leaves once full of life are now dry and decorated with graceful patterns and leading lines. Seed pods become small intricate sculptures and twigs are woven into baskets to hold the summer’s flower bounty.

The artist has found it very rewarding to work in three very different mediums that relate so well to nature. Whether it’s a farmer’s field, a small cedar sprig or the tiny magnified veins of a plumeria leaf, each season brings something new and exciting to capture.

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